ForecastOne is an online software platform that allows healthcare professionals to understand what Origent’s predictive models say about a patient’s risk of certain disease progression events.  

ForecastOne is currently designed for analyzing data from individual patients who have been diagnosed with clinically possible, probable, or definite ALS.  The models in ForecastOne estimate an ALS patient’s personalized likelihood of experiencing following events:

  • Wheelchair: The patient’s ALSFRS-R Q8. Walking score dropping to a ‘1’ or a ‘0’
  • PEG Tube: The patient’s ALSFRS-R Q5. Cutting food flag moving from “5A” – without gastrostomy, to “5B” – with gastrostomy
  • Loss of Speech: The patient’s ALSFRS-R Q1. Speech score dropping to a ‘1’ or a ‘0’
  • Tracheostomy-free Survival: The patient experiencing either a tracheostomy procedure or a mortality event
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation: The patient’s Expected Forced Vital Capacity (“Predicted FVC”) falling below 50%
ForecastOne Screenshot

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ForecastOne is currently available for use by ALS clinicians and other ALS healthcare professionals only.  If you are an ALS healthcare professional and are interested in having access to or learning more about ForecastOne, please contact us using the following form and we will be in touch with you quickly.

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