Our Core Values

Delivering better foresight with Integrity, Innovation, and Earned Trust.

Integrity – We pride ourselves in the great trust others place in us. Our customers, collaborators, partners, clinicians, and patients depend on us to do good work. We are always truthful, even when we reach conclusions that may not be favorable to us or to our partners. Being ethically unyielding and truthful with our customers, partners, and ourselves is a prerequisite for long-term success. We take responsibility for our actions and understand that our reputation for trust and integrity will establish the foundation of fruitful, long-term relationships. Short-term gains are never more important than honesty and fairness.

Innovation – We create value through lasting innovation, and maximize our ability to innovate solutions that improve patient care and accelerate the development of cures and therapies. We embrace new technologies and resist the conclusion that something “cannot be done.” We are not afraid to try things that no one has done before. We strive to make sustained innovations, that build upon the work we have already done and lay a foundation for future innovation to come.

Earned Trust – Our team works hard to earn the trust of our stakeholders, partners, and each other. This trust is established on a solid foundation of transparency, teamwork, and respect.

  • Transparency – We believe open sharing of information leads to better decisions. To the greatest extent possible, we share openly among our team, our collaborators, and our clients. When we make mistakes, we identify them openly so that they can be fixed. We do not hide or ignore problems; we address them head-on.
  • Teamwork – Innovation requires diverse talents working in unison. We cooperate, and we mutually support one another. We earn the confidence of our teammates through making individual contributions that elevate our team. We recognize that continuous learning and self-improvement are necessary for fostering innovation and supporting one other.
  • Respect – Origent team members have the ability to see and celebrate the value that each individual brings. Only by respecting our different viewpoints can we effectively collaborate and take advantage of our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas to enhance each other’s capabilities and achieve superior results. We debate ideas, not individuals. We openly propose new ideas and challenge them in frank yet cordial way that advances our knowledge and builds the confidence of our team. No jerks allowed.

Why Origent?

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